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in new york, this is what happens when power is restored. >> oh, my god. >> that was in the east village yesterday, power back on in about 67,000 homes. about 70% of those in the city who lost power in the storm now have it back on. millions of people are still dealing with the impact of superstorm sandy. and it is going to be a long time before things really do get back to normal. many of you are helping us tell the stories of this disaster and the aftermath with your ireports. take a look at this one, our ireporter took this video that shows manhattan and the freedom tower from staten island. so you can see the finger-pointing right there. the water tanker washed up along the east river there. for the next half hour, we're going to bring you some of the best images and the best sound
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from our ireporter, josh lev is here to talk about it and take us through it. >> that was an iconic shot this week, when our reporter was there. folks this right now, this is your chance to see the most powerful and amazing videos and images of what our country has been through in the past week. including brand-new ones that have now come into this. some of what we're going to show you is heartbreaking, but some will make you smile. showing resiliency after the devastation. i'm going to show you pictures and facebook and tweeting with you, this is a conversation, let's get involved. fred, i'll tell you our reporters started to document this the minute it was coming in. >> wow, they sent us great images of the storm as it was hitting. and then they sent us more images afterwards, as well. let's take a look at some of those ireports. >> i want to show you right now,
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opening up the window right here, it is really like a massive hurricane out there. you can hear it. it is very, very bad out there right now. >> evacuate. boat, ready to go. that crane just broke.
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>> this used to be a running pad -- impossible, but there is no -- there is no difference between where the east river is and where the fdr is, the fdr is completely shut off. [ noises ]
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>> devastation in white plains, where literally trees are ripped from its roots. >> now, i had to see what was down there, so i made my way in. first thing you notice is the sound of the generators, the drone. i thought of taking a jet ski down the old a-train line. but hey, i don't have a jet ski and i'm sure they would come after me. >> yeah, that is the first time experience for so many people in the new york area who have just never been through that type of disaster, on that scale. >> and governor chris christie, putting that in a time capsule,
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years from now people want to know what it was like, superstorm sandy, watch that, from the powerful reporters. >> and the aftermath, how people were enduring what they were witnessing immediately following sandy. >> from the flood, the blizzard, and also from fires. >> the fire crew does not know what happened, but there is some thick, black smoke coming out of the ground behind me. 2013 malibu from chevrolet. ♪ with a remarkable new interior featuring the available chevrolet mylink infotainment system. this is where sophisticated styling begins. and where it ends? that's up to you. it's here -- the greatest malibu ever. ♪
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well, welcome back, we're telling your stories this half hour, sharing some very compelling video and pictures from our ireporters, josh levs is here to bring images. >> you know, this is modern technology meets mother nature. we have people capturing this,
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we just got a message, hoping that everybody is safe, sound, a lot of people are still suffering. our reporters went out through stricken areas, documenting who life is like. >> this is a line for gas, and it started way, way back there. this is absurd, oh, my god, i'm not getting gas, there is no way i'm getting gas. >> we are walking the 59th bridge in new york city back from work. we have had about a three mile walk both ways. but it is just what new yorkers do. we're coming from queens, going back to our home in long island. we're not the only ones, every which way you look, everybody is doing their own thing. >> there is no traffic cops, not good, not good.
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>> this is what is in front of our building, that is my building in the back. this went all the way through the building. there is no fences left. >> i'm a train operator, i'm supposed to report here. and it is a ghost town. this is cone island station. normally it is hustle, bustle here, nothing but muck on the
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street level. >> still windy, the big ship -- >> as you can see behind me, we have downed trees. the only thing this weather is good for is making snowballs. >> the fire crew does not know what happened but there is some thick, black smoke coming out of the ground behind me. and as you can see, the fire crew is back there at york avenue. everybody is gathered together. and more emergency responders are arriving.
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>> oh, the kids did not want to miss halloween, at all. >> that was from our reporter, ed cohen, who saw all the kids going ahead. there was a massive tree that fell, but there were still kids, it was still halloween where they could still celebrate halloween, it was just a beautiful shot. >> so how do we pick those? >> i said, well, going into it, life has gotten better every day. >> incrementally. >> incrementally, that is right, we have an incredible team that is doing this, they get in touch with our reporters. they have to contact them, they have e-mail conversations, sometimes by phone. sometimes they talk to one
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person for 45 minutes. they check out the camera, the type of pictures to make sure it is not fake, that it is where they say it is, various other things. so you want you to know there are a lot of steps to submit an ireport here before it comes to you, we have a fantastic team that does that. >> and we have a video that kind of set a record. it is the most viewed ireport ever. >> it is coming up. i want to tell you about it, imagine being on a cruise all the way up on the 13th floor, when the boat itself starts to tip a little bit. and the furniture slides, water starts to come on board the ship itself. we are going to show you that coming right up.
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our ireporters have been helping us tell the stories of the superstorm sandy and the aftermath. and we've got more than 3,000 reports from the storm, so we tried to put together as many as we could in this 30-minute special. josh levs here with the sights and sounds. >> as you said, more than 3,000, what the editors have done is go in and pick the most compelling reports to tell the story of what this country has been in the past week. this is a striking contrast here, you have trick-or-treaters strolling along the street in brooklyn. the man who took this, luis
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munoz, says nothing keeps the new yorker down. and one of the pictures from sandy was in chelsea, you may have seen a facade ripped off the building, where our ireporter captured this, showing what was going on at the time. it is about the only time you understand what is going on around the facade of the building, and outside the subway here in manhattan, our ireporter shot this video inside where the pumps were operating. he said there had been at least six feet of water that he was able to see. and if you let the video is go, a few more seconds, the water being pulled out. let's look at number seven -- >> it is amazing how fast they were able to do that, pumping the water out of the subway systems. >> and it has been federal, local, and state, so much impressive work. talk about the impressive work. the employee didn't want to use his name but sent it to us from
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la guardia. this is the tarmac, where the flights couldn't land. this reminds us why 13,000 flights were cancelled. take a look at this video. let's listen. look at that. >> remnants of hurricane sandy. >> that is like michigan, near chicago. our reporter said the wind was swirling. people were stopping to watch these waves. he doesn't ever remember seeing lake michigan this violent with this kind of storm surge. this is just incredible. look at that. all right, the next one is heartbreaking, folks, let's go to this out of staten island, which, as we know, has been -- he told us about this. >> this is about half a mile from south beach. and nobody expected the water to go that far. so people in that area didn't even leave, and i had a friend who woke up and the water came
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running into their house. and that is probably why so many people died in that area. because nobody expected the water to go that far. >> he was actually in sri lanka during that tsunami, and he believes this is similar, just on a smaller scale. obviously, not the devastation but in terms of water amounts that he saw. the next thing we want to talk about, this is fascinating, a window into how our work goes, jordan shapiro took this at the brooklyn bridge, half with power, half without. we went to extreme efforts to make sure it was real. this is absolutely real, now an iconic shot of the storm. and finally, number three, here is another ireporter who spoke with us, george nicholas, with his fiancee, he spoke to jane velez-mitchell. >> i want to show you right now, we opened up the window. and it is really like a massive
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hurricane out there if you can hear it. it is very, very bad out there right now. >> there is always -- wow. >> he got it closed, he is safe. that is very important to know. don't go to any danger for photos. a photo we showed you all week, the flooded taxis in hoboken, new jersey, our other ireporter captured this from hoboken, and this other is from the cruise ship, take a look. he says they were on the 13th floor, fred. and a lot of areas on the ship got flooded. at one point the furniture went flying. it has an incredible number of views and it is still climbing. so i want you to know, you can see this and a lot more, we have a lot of interactives, i am going to put this on facebook
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for you. >> and to have an experience like this. >> torrential. >> all right, thanks josh, more parts of of the jersey shore wiped out by superstorm sandy. for so many that spent summer vacations there, this really did hit hard. we're looking back at jersey shore memories, stay right there. can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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. all right, the last 30 minutes we have been sharing with you a lot of unique stories and compelling images that probably a lot of people have not seen. >> right, and the ones we're going to show you right now, brand-new.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> standing in line for about five hours, trying to get gas, the whole thing around here is crazy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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